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Apr 10

Trusted Tree Care Professionals who serve the St. Louis Metro-East Area

Do towering trees make you be concerned about the security of your house? Get in touch with your local tree care service to take care of hazard trees and limbs safely and effectively. We provide a range of tree care services in the St. Louis Metro-East Area which includes St. Louis County, Belleville and Cahokia, Collinsville and Columbia. As a family-owned enterprise, we know the importance of these services to the local community. In addition, our team has more than 20 years experience to best serve you knowing what it takes to achieve complete customer satisfaction. Call The STL Tree Pros to get trees!


Tree Services

St. Louis County residents and those living in the St. Louis Metro-East know that they can call The STL tree specialists for all their tree-related needs. In fact, we operate with licensed and insured contractors who employ a group of highly trained experts when working at your home or workplace. We're proud to provide many different services to the people of this region. We offer:

  • Complete Tree Care for the Tree

  • Tree Removal

  • Trimming Tree Trimming

  • Tree Shaping

  • Stump Removal

  • Grinding Stump

  • Storm Damage Removal


Complete Tree Care for the Tree

The people of the St. Louis region love trees. What happens if there is something harming the health of trees? Do you know what you should do? We have certified arborists at The STL Tree Pros who can provide tree maintenance that will ensure the growth and health of all kinds of trees within our community.


Tree Removal

Sometimes it's just a good idea to take down a tree. We provide tree removal services that are safe and efficient, yet don't cause damage to your landscaping. We can handle trees of different sizes for commercial and residential customers. For a free consultation on your tree removal needs we invite you to contact us.


how much tree removal costs st. Louis is priced

It's not a simple task to give you an estimate of the project. The tree removal price St. Louis is dependent on numerous factors. It is crucial to consider the ease with which the tree will be reached. If your tree is located in the backyard that is enclosed by a fence and hangs off a precarious high cliff with 50 feet of drop the possibility of an expensive removal. Tree removal can be very hazardous, and conducting the proper risk assessment is essential to ensure the safety of all parties who are affected. This scenario is likely to result in tree removal requiring an extensive crew and a lot of time. Another factor we examine is the distance to power lines. If the tree is at high risk of causing damage to power lines some instances, you may need to contact your local utility provider to find out if they're able come out and trim the trees. The tree removal price in St. Louis is much cheaper if the company can help. Another factor we take into consideration, is determining if the tree is actually need of removal or if a tree trimming is a better option. Many times homeowners believe that the tree is dead and contact us to remove the tree. Once we arrive at the spot, we find the tree healthy and healthy, however, it may need some trimming. This can help you save money too since tree trimming is obviously considerably less work. Contact us today for no-cost estimates on your tree trimming project!  Come learn more on our website:

Stump Grinding and Removal

Hate taking extra time to mow stumps in your yard? Are you tired from tripping across and breaking toes? To protect everyone's safety call our customer service to arrange the stump grinding or removal appointment. Our staff of experts are equipped to use a stump grinder to make the stump level. This permits you to walk, ride or even mow it. Complete stump removal is available . Please contact us to set up a meeting.

The STL Tree Pros

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