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Can Removing A Tree Cause Foundation Problems?

Dec 10


The soil will rise when a tree is removed that has invasive roots. This is because the water previously taken up by tree roots can now percolate into the ground. Foundation flooding and erosion can occur in rare cases.


 Most times, it is best to remove a tree  too close to your home. This can also correct the settling caused by invasive root species.


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  • The foundation will crackle, settle and lean as water is taken from the soil by tree roots.
  • Tree roots can sometimes grow through cracks in foundations, causing more damage.


A common misconception is that invasive roots must physically infiltrate a foundation to cause damage. This is not usually true. This is not usually the case. However, if a tree grows very close to your foundation or if there are invasive root species, roots can force their way into concrete cracks.


How can you tell if your foundation is being damaged by tree roots?

Vertical cracks in the foundation are often the first sign of damage caused by tree roots. This happens when sources dry out the soil around the foundation and cause it to sink. If the foundation drops on the side nearest to the tree, this is another sign that the roots are invasive. You can see this in slanted floors and a house that leans toward the tree.


  • There are visible cracks in concrete foundations, cracks in windows, and surface roots near the foundation.
  • Your house is leaning towards a large Tree.
  • Foundation damage can be caused by large trees such as Oak, Sugar Maple, and Black Walnut that are planted within 30 feet of your home.
  • Foundation damage can be caused by small trees such as Japanese Maples, Crabapple, and Dogwood that are planted within 10 feet of your home.
  • Silver Maple, Elm, and Cottonwood, which have invasive roots, can cause foundation damage within 100 feet from where they were planted.