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How Do You Cut Down A Large Tree Yourself?

Dec 10


Take Safety Seriously

Safety isn’t just a catchphrase when it comes down to running chainsaws and felling trees. It is important to take safety seriously. There are some essential points. 


Essential safety gear You must wear a logger's helmet for chainsaw work and particularly when you are felling trees. 


This is a significant cause of logging injuries. Protect your eyes and ears with earmuffs. To keep dust out, you will need safety glasses. Kevlar chaps will instantly stop a chain if it falls on your leg.

Buy Felling Wedges

Two plastic felling wedges are necessary to prevent the saw from being pinched during a cut. These can be purchased at any outdoor power equipment shop that stocks chain saws.

How do you cut a tree in any direction you desire?

Trees can reach higher than you expect and are often taller than you realize. If you are planning to fall a tree, the "a hand trick" can help you estimate the height of the tree. 


Hold the ax at arm's length and close one eye. Then, move towards the tree and either back away or toward it until the top and bottom are equal. After the treetop falls, your feet should be approximately where they will rest.


 This is just an estimation, learn more tips and tricks for tree removal. If the tree falls on something, allow for extra space.

Clear a Cutting Zone

You may not be ready to cut the tree even if you know which way it will fall. Clear the branches and remove any foliage from the trunk. They should be 45 degrees apart from one another in opposite directions. It is not a good idea to trip on a fallen tree.


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Take the tree up

Begin by looking at the tree. If you don't like what you see, don't chop it down.

Dead branches that have been broken but are still attached are weakened and supported by other components. It is possible to break a unit and let it fall on your head.


- It is leaning in one way or heavily loaded with branches. Despite your best efforts, it will fall in the direction you have set.


- You may see buildings, fences, or power lines in the felling area. If this is the case, you should not fall and, instead, call a professional.